Selected Recent Academic Papers

Chakravartty, Paula, Grubbs, Victoria, Kuo, Rachel & McIlwain, Charlton D. (2018). #CommSoWhite. Forthcoming,  Journal of Communication.

McIlwain, Charlton D. (2016). Racial formation, inequality and the political economy of web traffic. Information, Communication, & Society. 20(7): 1073-1089

Freelon, Deen. McIlwain, Charlton D. & Clark M. (2016). Quantifying the power and consequences of social media protest. New Media & Society. 18(10): 2359–2378.

McIlwain, Charlton D. & Caliendo, S. M. (2013). Mitt Romney’s Racist Appeals: How Race Was Played in the 2012 Presidential Election. American Behavioral Scientist. 58(9):1157-1168.

McIlwain, Charlton D. (2012). From Deracialization to Racial Distinction: Interpreting Obama’s Successful Racial Narrative. Social Semiotics. 23(1): 119-145.

McIlwain, Charlton D. (2011). Racialized Media Coverage of Minority Candidates in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. American Behavioral Scientist. 55(4): 371-389.

McIlwain, Charlton D. & Caliendo, Stephen M. (2009). Black Messages, White Messages: The Differential Use of Racial Appeals by Black & White Candidates. Journal of Black Studies. 39(5): 732-743.

McIlwain, Charlton D. (2007). Race, Pigskin, and Politics: A Semiotic Analysis of Racial Images in Political Advertising. Semiotica. 167: 169-192.

McIlwain, Charlton D. (2007). Perceptions of Leadership & the Challenge of Obama’s Blackness. Journal of Black Studies, 38(1): 64-74.

McIlwain, Charlton D. (2007). Racial Identity, Ideology and the Youth Vote: Observations From the 2004 Presidential Campaign. American Behavioral Scientist, 50(9): 1231-1238.

Caliendo, Stephen M. and McIlwain, Charlton D. (2006). Minority Candidates, Media Framing, and Racial Cues in the 2004 Election. Harvard International Journal of Press Politics, 11(4): 45-69.

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