The Center for Critical Race & Digital Studies

The Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies provides resources and opportunities for scholars of color, and allied researchers, designers, information professionals, data scientists, activists and policymakers to engage and produce collective work that critically investigates and articulates the myriad of ways that race and inequality structurally organizes and manifests in digital architectures, individual and collective identities, local and global communities, cultural practices, and power relations.

While critically examining how structural inequalities in digital media technologies and systems produce disparate and adverse impacts on communities and individuals of color in the U.S. and across the globe, we also envision the digital as a potential means for generating greater racial empowerment, personal and political agency, democratic participation and activism that diminishes inequalities. We develop interdisciplinary methods and approaches that address social problems, which include, but are not limited to concerns with health, well being, education, creativity, and social mobility.

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